5 reasons I chose Brasilfit, and why you should too

Chances are, unless you’ve seen me at a yoga class in my crazy print leggings, you probably won’t have seen Brasilift around much. But once you give in to the super flattering prints, let me tell you. There is no going back. Ever. And here’s why.


Function first

With activewear, it always seems like you have to choose. Either super cute but too see-through to perform any exercise in, or practical and kind of ‘meh’ in the fashion department. Oh wait, you can get both, but make sure you extend that overdraft first!
Brasilfit fits the bill: super cute, super functional and reasonably priced. I don’t see what more a fitness lover could ask for! The leggings are designed to support you through your activity by making you feel super comfy and super sassy. You can start expecting a lot more compliments in the gym!


Barely there

I never realized this was of any importance, but wearing Brasilfit gives me the feeling of wearing nothing at all. Like I am flying in my yoga flow and breezing through my squats. Tight in the right places and loose where it needs to be! No more uncomfortable waistband pulling and tugging or sleeve rolling, I can focus and forget about anything but the present moment. The stretch, flexibility and weightless feel will honestly revolutionize your workout game. There is just no other word. Magic.



See what I did there? Needless to say, I wear a lot of activewear. Because it looks cute, but also because if I’m heading to the gym later in the day or have a busy day after a morning yoga class, the last thing I want is looking like I am still wearing my pyjamas. I want to look put together (check!), I want to be comfortable (check!) and a little bit different (check!). All I need is a leather jacket paired with my mesh compression leggings and a Malmo singlet or a plain Black Forest top with my crazy print leggings to get going!


Pretty in print

I’m not a print girl, and I LOVE brasilfit prints. My entire activewear collection is plain, apart from my crazy print leggings. I can’t get over how flattering the colours and patterns are – so much that I cry a little bit when they have to go in the wash and I have to wear black to the gym! Sometimes, patterned leggings can make you look and feel not your best; too bright, too large, too psychedelic… Brasilfit has carefully crafted its designs to be flattering and wearable – even without an awesome Brazilian tan!


It’s in the details…

Brasilift has various fabric lines suited to your personal needs. More of a yogi? Amni Lycra is the answer. Lightweight, super flexible and anti-bacterial to get you through a sweaty vinyasa flow. More of a runner? Choose Supplex for breathable compression and quick-drying technology! At the end of the day, we would all wear jeans if we didn’t care much about performance, so why not choose a product which is specifically designed for your preferences?



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Author: Elise, BARE. Lifestyle www.barelifestyle.co.uk

Photo credit: Lily North Photography