Compression wear 101

Compression wear has drawn a lot of attention over the past few years. General activewear is booming in mainstream culture, and compression wear is gaining more and more popularity in certain athletic groups. From runners to weight lifters, you have most likely encountered a sportsperson wearing very tight pants or bright knee high socks!

But compression wear is not just for the hardcore; it’s loved by non-professionals too! So if you’re still confused about compression wear and think it’s not right for you, we hope to enlighten you

What is compression?

Compression wear, as the term suggests, is a garment that is tight enough to cause compression, often made out of elastin and nylon. They are specifically designed to enhance recovery.

Our compression wear is made out of Supplex, which is a highly comfortable material that offers the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fibre technology. The result? A breathable product that resists moisture and odours. Our Emana®  fabric has an added anti-cellulite element, as it improves skin elasticity.

What’s it for?

Compression wear is primarily believed to speed up recovery, preserve muscles, protect joints, and therefore increases physical performance.

How does it work?

The compression in the fabric squeezes your blood vessels, which causes them to open, allowing more blood and oxygen into the muscle. Your muscle produces more energy, which enhances performance. Compression also keeps your muscles in place. When you run, and your feet hit the ground, your leg muscles shake. Without compression, muscular breakdown occurs and as a result, muscle soreness. Wearing compression during your workout means that you won’t be as sore the next day! And even more surprisingly, wearing compression after your workout has showed signs of expedited recovery thanks to the increased blood flow.

So, is it for you?

Compression is for everyone. Whether you’re a runner, a mega-workout-warrior or you’re simply looking for high support from your workout wear (because after all, compression does keep everything tucked in place), you can enjoy the benefits of compression. We particularly recommend our compression range to long-distance runners, who report multiple benefits!

How do I choose?

The style you choose is completely up to you. Both the full length style and shorter capris cover and support your thigh muscles, which is important for runners and athletes. However, if you’ll be exercising cold (like a morning run/hike/gym session), a longer style will make it easier for your muscles to produce heat, which is beneficial to muscle and joint support. But if you’ve got a long-distance run planned in Brazil, we recommend going for a shorter style to keep you cool!

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