5 workout classes to switch it up

Whether you’ve been on holiday, are expecting to, or are just having a staycation, there are plenty of ways to stay active this year! Summer often brings us renewed excitement for getting outdoors/drinking smoothies/yoga in the park and all things ‘healthy’. It’s sure that kinder weather favours moving our bodies! Here are the some fun classes we think you should try this summer; you won’t just feel amazing from that post-workout glow, you can count on Brasiflit to keep you looking awesome throughout your sweaty session!

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga’s been around for a little while now, and it’s not going anywhere! With its trademark heated rooms, hot yoga is a great alternative to outdoor yoga when the weather isn’t very encouraging! If you’ve had a stressful day/week/year, and you’re just looking to let your body melt (literally, melt) into your mat, go to hot yoga. Take a restorative class for a good dose of self-care or a dynamic class if you’re looking to work hard. Whatever you choose, a pair of crazy print shorts are sure to let your skin breathe through the heat, as well as letting you stretch and flow in complete freedom. Oh, and don’t forget a long-sleeved cover-up, for those post-yoga green juices.


For those of us who always wanted to be ballerinas but in reality, have two left feet, this one is for you! Fear not, this isn’t a scary, adult remake of those strict ballet classes you see in films. No tight buns, pianist or tutus in sight (unless you really wanted to, of course. We won’t stop you.) Barre studios are popping up all around the country, promising a long, lean and strong physique, often accompanied by upbeat music, fun props and the inevitable encouraging instructor! Oh and don’t think this is low impact because you’re holding on to a barre. And the last thing you want with that is uncomfortable clothing, so get your brasilfit capris on and plié!




There’s nothing quite like dancing the night away. Or is there? What if you could combine that fun release you get from letting go at a beach party and getting some exercise in? It’s Zumba, of course! Zumba has taken over the world with its revolutionary concept of attainable ‘exercise in disguise’. I can’t think of a better way to practice those party moves than attending a Zumba class! Oh and did I mention crazy apparel is an absolute must? I think it’s time to get those crazy print leggings out and book yourself in!


Outdoor running or walking

Whether you’re a marathon runner or an occasional jogger, getting outside for some cardiovascular activity is always a good idea, especially in the summer, and if it’s followed by a refreshing smoothie! You don’t need to go hard to make it count, on a day when the gym just isn’t calling your name, go for a long walk instead! And if you just want to pound it out to an upbeat Spotify playlist, alternate between sprints and jog intervals for a stimulating workout. This is the perfect time to pull out some compression wear, like the essential black collection




Ok, so before you dismiss this one, boxing is not, I repeat, it is not, just for guys. If you’re looking to really step up your cardio game (i.e. you are so over the treadmill) and build some muscle at the same time, check your local gym for boxing classes. Boxing is a great way to release tension, find focus, and sweat! It’ll test your endurance and push your limits to new heights, which is a great way to switch up your exercise routine if you’ve been feeling a little stuck. Not to mention you really don’t want to be thinking about where your tank top is sitting whilst you’re punching away. We recommend a pair of looser shorts, like the supplex shorts, and a flowy singlet to allow fast and unrestrained movement!

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