Caring for your Brasilfit activewear

We all know how to wear our activewear. We pull it on, we sweat and stretch, and then we get home and toss it in the washing basket, until we’re faced with the inevitable blank look, kneeling in front of the washing machine. How on earth do I wash this? Hot or cold? Tumble dry or not? Will it survive being washed with other colours? And what about that big mud stain? 

Here are some simple rules to live by to ensure a long life for your Brasilfit activewear!

Rule #1: Wash cold or on delicate when possible. This ensures a long life for your item by preserving the technical fabrics used. And wash inside out!

Rule #2: Don’t use fabric softener. This may clog the fabric, preventing your detergent from breaking down dirt, and potentially remove any protective coating on the fabric.

Rule #3: Air dry. This should go without saying – unless it’s a towel or a sheet, nothing really deserves to be tumble dried. Your clothes will last much much longer if you leave them out to dry.

Rule #4: Deal with your stains beforehand. You can use a gentle stain remover or just a drop of detergent. Pre-washing your stains before washing means that you can still get away with washing on cold. If you’re finding a deeper clean is needed, soak in a vinegar solution, which is antibacterial.

Rule #5: Try to wash with similar colours and fabrics. Dark goes with dark and light goes with light. If you manage to get an entire load with identical or similar materials, it will preserve the fabric even further.

It’s not rocket science! Just give your activewear some love, and it will love you right back.

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