Styling Brasilfit activewear in cooler weather

As we wave goodbye to the Great British Summer which, to be frank wasn’t so great, we thought we’d bring you our taste of Autumn. We’re certainly sad to see brighter colours being put away until next year, but that doesn’t mean your Brasilfit activewear has to go too!

In cooler climates and seasons, many of us gravitate towards darker colours- black, navy, grey and brown, without giving much thought to the rest of the colour wheel. And whilst you might have found it easy to style your crazy print leggings in the height of summer, it gets harder when you have to start layering tops to keep warm and donning your fluffy socks (or is that just me?).

So here’s some inspiration, from us to you, on how you can keep wearing our Brasilfit range all year round!


Let your pièce de résistance speak for itself. No need to have your colours clashing! Just pick some neutrals you would normally wear with jeans, pick out your dark trainers and you’re set.

Layering different materials, such as leather, wool coupled with some patterned leggings gives your outfit a lot of personality and texture.



A big scarf, as pictured here, balances out the madness below!

Pairing one of our longer singlets (in black, for example) allows you to wear a cropped jacket style without feeling like you’re revealing too much. This year, we saw a lot of bra tops paired with high-waisted leggings, but come the colder weather and the last thing you want is gaps that let the cold in!



There’s no need to always go wild on colours. If you’re just looking for a sleek look rather than an extravagant one, go all black, but with quality leggings and accessories. This keeps your look chic and cool, without compromising on functionality. You’ll blend in with the crowd, without losing the stylish athleisure/sport luxe edge.


Choosing a pair of compression leggings with a mesh panel gives your outfit instant brownie points in the fashion department. You really can’t go wrong; the mesh is fine enough to be stylish and keep you warm. We can easily see them paired with a leather jacket, or a tight-fitting jumper and ankle boots! That way they will see you through multiple activities during the day, which is great for busy career women and mums alike.



Use a bold colour as an accent in your accessories. Try different scarves when you are out shopping to find a colour or pattern that really lifts your complexion. My favourite is a burnt orange colour. Or, if your favourite pair of leggings are bright pink pair of leggings then pair with black or grey jumper or jacket and add pink reminders to tie your outfit together!

And finally, just keep it simple! Our items are high quality and set themselves apart from high street brands. They will stand out on their own – so let them! Keep the rest of your outfit simple and reach for your Brasilfit garments when the summer’s long gone.



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