5 Top Tips For A Capsule Wardrobe

In our last blog we heard from Independent Stylist Jackie Crawford and she helped us to understand some of the science around dressing for your own style and shape.  This week she shares with us 5 top tips for creating a capsule wardrobe.

“Many of us open our wardrobes full of clothes but complain that we have nothing to wear.  I am a great believer that ‘less is more’ so if you cannot see all your wardrobe contents, dressing successfully will prove to be a challenge!  How good would it feel to have a wardrobe of clothes that you actually love but can also mix and match together?
Here are some tips to help you achieve dressing simplicity through a range of clothing that takes you from a run in the park to the school run”!

1.  A capsule wardrobe containing a few select and versatile pieces allows you to mix and match with other garments in your wardrobe.  Look for quality basics that fit well, will wear well and Brasilfit capsule wardrobesuit your natural colouring and body shape.

2. If your clothes can be worn in a range of combinations, you can create different looks from fewer garments and your clothing choices are simplified.  Think of the many ways/occasions you could wear each piece before you purchase.

3.  Avoid major purchases in passing-trends or fashion items in order to lengthen the wearability of your clothing.  Choose more timeless pieces – such as a pair of trousers, skirt, jacket or blouse that suit you and your body shape. You can keep your style ‘on-trend’ by accessorising with the season’s hot colour (which for A/W 2017 is red by the way!) with a new lipstick, hat, belt, sunglasses or footwear.

4.  As your clothing choices are more considered, you will love more of the items in your wardrobe and cut down on the morning deliberations of “what shall I wear today”.  The decisions will be easy to make.

5. The principle of a capsule wardrobe works for your entire wardrobe needs  which includes both social and business occasions.  For example if your activewear matches the rest of the colour combination within your wardrobe, your workout leggings can easily be paired with a pair of smarter boots, jumper or a casual jacket.

Amy in our image wears jacquard leggings and fuchsia Malmo singlet teamed with a simple denim jacket and large handbag.


To find out more about Jackie Crawford’s services, follow this link@jackieCrawford_ www,jackiecrawford.co.uk