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Compression wear 101

Compression wear has drawn a lot of attention over the past few years. General activewear is booming in mainstream culture, and compression wear is gaining more and more popularity in certain athletic groups. From runners to weight lifters, you have most likely encountered a sportsperson wearing very tight pants or bright knee high socks! But […]

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Which yoga is right for you?

Yoga – it’s everywhere. You can’t walk through a city or browse a website without seeing a yoga class advertised! Studios are popping up everywhere, offering every type of imaginable style. But what does it actually take to find out the yoga class that suits your needs? We’ve listed 4 common styles below to get you […]

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Rio 2016

We are so proud here at Beyond The Workout to see Brazil superbly hosting the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, the home of production for the Brasilfit range.  The opening ceremony was a real treat with amazing fireworks, a wonderful carnival section and more.  I was particularly interested to see the worldwide audience being reminded […]